As an artist and designer, I create and publish my own limited edition / artist’s books under Leslie Gerry Editions.


My paintings begin as elements to a narrative and emerge as a limited edition book - a work of art. The “elements” are also available as limited edition prints on paper or metal. I Paint and print digitally. There is no original, only a digital file.


Architecture, urban spaces and in particular street life fascinates me. I like to choose a location unfamiliar and of architectural interest, spending two to three weeks walking around, sketching and taking many reference photographs, recording the colours, light, shadows and patterns. It is that first exposure which is so intense; you see things locals are often unaware of and that you will not notice on subsequent visits, I try to capture this intensity in the paintings. On returning home to my studio I will run through the reference material over and over again, absorbing and reflecting on the images, until some sort of narrative develops. This will then become the basis of my book.


With a stylus on a Wacom tablet, I paint on the computer in Illustrator. Working only with flat areas of colour and no tone, I “cut out” the shapes with the stylus, arranging them on different layers, creating a collage. In fact, I first started working this way years ago by cutting out sheets of coloured paper with scissors, similar to the way Matisse created his paper collages. Starting by sketching a composition in blocks of colour as I would have done painting in oils and using the reference photos as guidance only, I gradually build up the painting with darker areas first and then lighter shades. The paintings end up as digital files; vector images which can be reduced or enlarged to any size and are then printed with a flat bed UV ink jet printer on a hand or mould-made paper.


New York Reflections and Havana are two of my most recent examples, currently represented in many “Rare Books” library collections including the British Library, the Library of Congress (Washington), Columbia University (NY), and Duke University (Carolina).