When Whittington Press published its book Portmeirion I had to have a copy for the wonderful illustrations by Leslie Gerry.


Leslie has prepared a dozen large-scale and very striking illustrations of Stockholm, in particular its evocative waterfront. Many years ago (many, many years ago) Angela and I lived in Stockholm, right in the Old Town (Gamla Stan), so the island on which it stands, the waterfronts around it and on neighbouring islands, and the bustle of boats and ships were all five minutes’ walk from our front door and we have fond memories of it all, both in the bright long summer days and the short winter days when the ice-breakers cleared the way for the ferries to Finland and I could walk to work across Lake Mälaren.


When we met Leslie and heard about his project it became a must forThe Old School Press. Leslie’s images occupy a sheet 370mm tall by 560mm wide – that’s about 14.5 inches by 22 inches – and have been compiled in a zig-zag preceded by half-title and title pages and closed off with a colophon. They are very much his response to the beauty of the place, to the colour and vibrancy imparted by the boats, the buildings, the sky and the water. His pleasure on first coming across the area echoes that of those who found their way to Stockholm in the eighteenth century and so to accompany the images we have printed extracts from five travel books from that period. Putting letterpress text together with giclée digital images has become quite a habit here at The Old School Press; for us the two techniques are unrivalled for quality and we have no doubt that Caxton would have preferred giclée to woodcuts if he had had the chance! So once again, we have combined clean letterpress from freshly-cast type with brilliantly rendered colour.


The text occupies an eight-page section printed by letterpress on a pale-blue hand-made paper from the Losin mill in the Czech Republic. The choice of typeface is also new departure for The Old School Press: Eric Gill’s Joanna in the 14pt size, with headings in variations of Gill Sans. The zig-zag construction means that individual images can be opened flat. When it is closed the front board features a further illustration, and the whole assemblage is held in a cloth-covered dropover box.

Martyn Ould, Old School Press

Stockholm Reflections Sample Spreads

Stockholm Reflections

280 x 350 mm, 40 pages.  
There are 95 copies of which 89 are for sale. The price is £295 (€360, US$490) each. Trade discount is a quarter. Shipping is extra and charged at cost.